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Schwarzman Scholars is founded on the belief that it is absolutely critical to foster a robust dialogue and a better understanding between China and other nations of the world. Scholars selected from around the world pursue a fully-funded one-year Master's Degree in Global Affairs at Schwarzman College. 

University Options facilitates the launch of  Schwarzman Scholars Program in India

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Lord Bhattacharyya

 CBEFREngFRS , Educator,  Government Advisor, Chairman and Founder, Warwick Manufacturing Group

WMG, University of Warwick has had a long association with India. We have been engaging in partnerships and collaborations with Indian industrial companies, educational institutions going back 20 years. Kanika and her team have also helped organise and support visits of WMG and university senior staff to events in India.

Mrs Shyama Chona

Educationist, Disability Rights Activist, Author, Founder and President of Tamana Association New Delhi, Ex- Principal of Delhi Public School,

R. K. Puram

What has always impressed me about Kanika is a strong commitment to young people and determination to find the best option for them in their chosen field. She inspires a sense of confidence among students and parents which is a hallmark of a great counsellor. Because of her efforts, hundreds of students gained admissions into universities like Harvard, Stanford and University of Pennsylvania, among others.

Mrs Abha Adams

My professional association with Kanika spans several decades and I have had the privilege of seeing her work with individual students with insight, care and a strong commitment towards ensuring the best for each young person. That sense of trust and faith is so critical when you are making important life choices about your future!

Mrs Manika Sharma

Kanika has been associated as a Consultant Counsellor to The Shri Ram School since a decade guiding our student's admissions into some of the top notch universities like Stanford, Cornell, London School of Economics, Singapore Management Institute, McGill University Canada to name a few.

Our Experience

Kanika Marwaha

Founder & Director

Kanika Marwaha is an educator. Educators seek to instil deep understanding in students, the kind of learning that they’ll carry with them the rest of their lives. She defines herself as someone who thinks this attribute is central to all facets of guidance and counselling - from a student/parent interaction to training counsellors in lead schools.


Her role as an educator has transcended from schools to universities and Boards of educational institutions.  At the outset demonstrated in her educational background in Psychology (Bachelor’s,  Masters and MPhil) to being the educator on the Board of PEC Institute of Technology. Within the frame of higher education, she has been invited to deliver her expertise and insights in various seminars and conferences, including the World Economic Forum: India’s “Iconic women for creating a better world for all”.

Kanika set up the Career Counselling Centre at 4 DPS Schools, 2 Shri Ram Schools and Modern School Barakhamba Road.  Additionally, she works collaboratively with several leading universities around the world and has been the University of Warwick India Representative for the past 18 years. She has been felicitated by the University of Warwick as an Associate Fellow for distinguished services to higher education.  


It was with this experience of over 30 years that culminated in establishing ‘University Options’ – a holistic educational enterprise support to students and schools in UAE, UK and Singapore. The team has since expanded the scope of services provided to students, educational institutions and industry. The motto is simple: when working with students, an educator helps them grow in their lives outside of and beyond school, instead of only teaching them the lessons to get them to graduation.


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72 Navjivan Vihar,

Lower Ground Floor,

New Delhi - 110017

Monday - Friday: 9:30 - 5:30


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