Popular Study Abroad Destinations

There was a time when students looking to study abroad had the options of US or UK and maybe Australia. Now, with the higher education sector in India opening up, there are a whole host of options for students to choose from. Let’s have a look at some favourite study abroad destinations among international students


Over the years, the US has retained its place as a popular study abroad country. This is evident in the rise in number of student visas issued for the US each year. According to experts, the major contributing factor to this rise is graduate rather than undergraduate students. The large number of institutions that the US has enables students to pick and choose a course which is tailor-made for them. In addition a lot of these institutions also offer scholarships which are an added incentive.


Closely following the US is the UK which attracts its fair share of international students. With the Masters degree being for one year duration and the Bachelors three years, it enables students to complete their bachelors and masters within a span of four years. The UK Law and Medicine courses are also closely aligned to the Indian ones which allow students to take exams and practice in both countries. There are also a host of funding opportunities for graduate students; fewer for undergraduate.


Studying in a world class university while being close to home-that’s the key tagline for higher education in Singapore. Boasting of universities which rank among the top in Asia, the costs of living and tuition are also vastly lower than those in the US and UK. Over the years Singapore has also become a commercial hub, which translates into more job opportunities for students once they finish their course, if they wish to stay back and work (on application of a work pass).


The high quality of education coupled with numerous funding and scholarship options plus the added benefit of being able to work during studies is what makes Canada an attractive package for overseas students. Students can also apply for a post graduation work permit which allows them to get work experience after completion of their course. Last but not the least; students get all this in half of what the same costs in a leading institution in many other countries.


Germany is perhaps the country which took everyone by surprise to emerge as a popular favourite among international students. Subsidized education, friendly immigration rules and unlimited employment opportunities are some of the reasons why students are flocking to Germany. After completing their study, students are allowed to stay back for 1.5 years in the country to work. In addition most institutions in Germany are now offering curriculum both in English and German. All in all, a very attractive deal for students!

The more the choices, the harder the decision. That’s why it’s important to choose a consultant who can guide you in the best possible way, helping you choose a country, institution and course which is best suited to your personality and skills.

University Options assists students with the entire application process from choosing universities to guidance on essays as well as post application follow up.

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