Deadlines for UK Applications

For those of you looking at the United Kingdom as a study destination for 2016 now is the time to apply. Many of u might not be aware of the deadlines which need to be kept in mind for the UK. Let’s have a quick recap of the same!

Sep’15 onward: Most universities open their online applications for UG and PG courses in early to mid September. While a lot of students would not have the documents ready, those of you who can try and finish off the application in September itself. It will be one task crossed off your to-do list.

15th October: For Undergraduate applicants looking at Oxford or Cambridge this is the deadline to submit your UCAS application. All medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses also close on this date.

15th January: This is often the unofficial early application deadline, especially for universities with competitive courses which tend to receive a large number of applications. Also students who apply by this time can then concentrate on their upcoming exams. Most professors and teachers too are keen to finish submitting the letters of recommendation and other information at the earliest.

24th March: For UG students looking at Art & Design courses this is the date to remember as UCAS closes thereafter.

End of March: While most PG courses have no formal deadline, it is recommended students apply by end of March at the latest so as to avoid popular courses closing down. If your course requires you to take the GMAT, GRE or an English Language Test, you can submit your application even without these and get a conditional offer, instead of delaying the applications while you take the exam(s).

30th June: This is the date when UCAS formally closes all applications for Undergraduate students. Any application received after this date is automatically put into UCAS Extra.

As a rule majority of the UK universities follow the system of rolling admissions; which means that once they feel enough applications/offers have been received they close the course. Hence, time is of essence!

Scholarship Deadlines

Apart from the course deadlines at each university, students, especially PG ones also need to keep track of scholarship deadlines.

Here are some of the main ones for students from India.

1) British Chevening Scholarship: 3rd November

2) Commonwealth Scholarship: 19th November

3) Commonwealth Shared Scholarship: 1st April

4) Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship: 30th November

5) Erasmus Mundus Scholarship: varies depending on the programme but fall around December to January.

6) British Council IELTS Award: 30th June.

*please note the above deadlines are for the session 2016/17.

University Options assists students with the entire application process from choosing universities to guidance on essays as well as post application follow up.

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