'The Burden of the Urban' Workshop in Mumbai

The University of Warwick in conjunction with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is holding a workshop titled “The Burden of the Urban”, in Mumbai from 10-12 December 2015. The workshop aims at understanding how ‘the city’ has come to serve as an indispensable site from which to launch broader investigations about India and its place in the contemporary world.

Attendance at this event is free of charge. There will also be a drinks reception and art event 'finale' on Saturday 12 December. This event, which will be inaugurated by Professor Sir Nigel Thrift, the Vice-Chancellor, is open to all.

The main purpose of this Art event will be to address the variety of ways in which cites across geographies and timescales; nations, narrations and networks; get continuously produced, this event invites cultural practitioners to participate in creating a map of memories that grows over time. Half a dozen artists, architects, writers and scholars will make short presentations tracing their own connections between forms, objects, words, expressions, sounds, buildings, languages, literatures, textures of life that belong to two or more distinct urban worlds. Each presentation (a spoken piece, a sound installation, a video, an enactment, among other things) will be orchestrated to create a kind of a sequence that leads to an open-ended discussion at the end that could invite the assembled audience to participate.

To register please click on the link below:


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