The Importance of Career Counselling

As the number of choices available to us increase, so does the confusion about making the correct decision. Schools these days are starting with the entire process of career counselling early on to encourage students to think about their career and subject choices. It is hence important to understand what exactly career counselling is and how it can aid students in moving towards the right direction.

While a Grade 9 student might seem very young, it is essential he starts asking himself the following questions

v What do I like doing?

v What am I good at doing?

v Which are the careers where I can achieve a balance of the above two?

From this we can ascertain that the three cornerstones of career counselling are Aptitude, Interest & Personality. It is a combination of these which should ideally determine the career path a student shall take.

What makes a successful student?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just good grades which make a successful student. In today’s fiercely competitive atmosphere it is important to cultivate these skills to move ahead in life.

Ø Coping with pressure

Ø Finding motivation in daily tasks

Ø Maintaining a study-life balance

Ø And last but not the least a consistent academic performance

One of the best ways to avoid getting lost in the maze of options available to you is by writing down your goals and working systematically towards achieving them. Taking help of your family, peers and a career counselor will help you narrow down on the fields which are best suited to you in accordance with your Aptitude, Interest & Personality.

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