The Procrastination Trap

Are you one of those who love planning but never get around to doing? Have you had a dream about studying abroad but don’t know how to translate it into reality? Welcome to the world of procrastinators! Almost all of us fall into the trap of putting off things, believing that there will be a time we shall get around to completing the task. But for those looking to study abroad, this could spell doom.

Let’s look at some ways in which you can beat off procrastination.

1. Start Easy: It’s the start which is the most difficult so choose an easy task to begin with. Make a list of potential countries you think you might be interested in for further education. Follow this up with a column of pros and cons for each country. This will help you narrow down your choices at a later stage

2. Break it down: A huge task is always daunting so break it up into smaller, more manageable tasks. For instance look up the universities which offer the subject you are interested in applying to. Then cross-check them against the rankings to shortlist the ones you are eligible to apply for, according to your grades

3. List it out: Not only will this help you see what you need to do; there is also tremendous satisfaction in crossing out a task that you have completed.

4. Make your plans public: There is nothing like pressure from family and friends to remind you to complete unfinished tasks! Let people know of your plans so that they can get after you to put them into action.

5. Change your environment: If you are working on your Personal Statement or essay on your laptop, sit at different places to prevent yourself from becoming bored. Talk a break and walk around if you are stuck at a particular stage of the essay.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself: Applying abroad can be a tough task so go easy on yourself. As long as you get back to the task at hand, it’s okay to make mistakes.

7. A little bit daily: Do a portion of your application every day. This could be contacting your referee, finalising the universities you are applying to, brushing up your essay or just reading up on your chosen universities. As long as you do a little bit daily, the entire process won’t seem so tough.

Remember, applications abroad usually open for a short window of time so it’s crucial to plan and execute those plans in a timely fashion so that you are not left with any regrets.

University Options assists students with the entire application process from choosing universities to guidance on essays as well as post application follow up.

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