Tips on how to prepare for SAT

For those of you looking at admissions in US Universities, the SAT tests usually loom ahead frighteningly. We at University Options provide you with some tips on how to prepare and face the SAT successfully.

- Managing your time wisely: The most effective way to develop your time management skills is to put them to work through practice tests and simulations. It is extremely essential for you to take mock SAT/ACT exams online and try and emulate the exact exam environment (without breaks and snacks!)

- A few blank answers are fine: SAT math questions become more difficult as you go through each section. If you are nearing the end of a section and find that you cannot figure out the last few questions, don't waste your time trying to answer them. Also you won't get extra points for answering the toughest questions as all questions are weighted the same.

- Don’t waste time: This is one of the cardinal rules of the SAT tests. Don’t waste precious time by going back to read and re-read instructions or in attempting questions you don’t know.

- Avoid random guessing: Tempting though it might seem, avoid making random guesses in multiple choice questions. Remember you lose more points in answering a question wrong than not answering it at all.

- PRACTICE!!! There is nothing to replace practising the questions again and again. We recommend using at least two test prep guides, one being the official guide for the test you are taking and the other being a good-quality unofficial guide.

University Options assists students with the entire application process to the US, from choosing universities to guidance on essays as well as post application follow up.

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