My experience at a leading UK University

Before applying for masters or rather while at my bachelors, people often told the significance of getting into an ivy league university and what it takes to get there. This marked the beginning of pulling my socks and doing my home work to first find the right university at the right geography of my choice. This eventually landed me to educate myself about Warwick University. The best thing that impressed me at the initial stage was the type of innovation that the degree / modules offers at Warwick. To sum it, its not just a traditional degree that one studies, its a combination of efforts that helps an individual realise his / her dreams along with the scope to in-still the benefit of mixer of skill sets that today’s environment needs. To give an example, I have not just learned my course from an academic point of view but i have also learned life skills and personal management. Now that's unique to Warwick.

Thus, till today, I would always say choosing Warwick University was the best intelligent decision I could make. The course that I enrolled on was the MSc in Management for Business Excellence, the reason behind this was my focus towards quality and excellence in business.

For me, my journey at Warwick was extraordinary. The mixture of opportunities was too good to miss and most importantly I never felt isolated. Doing a Masters is a hard work but there was always an adequate support by me. There are personal tutors who act as mentors, supervisors who are extremely helpful and supportive throughout one’s project and other staff who are there to listen. The most important bit that I want to highlight is every student is valued and recognised at the university. Everyone’s ideas are heard and there is always someone to help share those ideas and knowledge further. According to me I would say that this is one of the greatest strengths of the entire university with thousands of students and numerous departments and expertise to share and support knowledge in a excellence driven culture.

Regarding academic teaching, the MSc course structure is designed with a combination of modules, simulations and a dissertation. It provides a very innovative and collaborative way of learning to develop one’s skills and competencies. The way of teaching is mostly based on a practical approach including giving presentations, working through case studies of real business scenarios and visiting companies to learn first hand operations within the given industry. This gives a robust understanding of knowledge that is integrated with real life experiences. I think it has given me a lot of scope to learn and be proactive in continuing to learn. This entire approach of teaching has lot to offer for the future provided one knows where to apply it.

I was pursuing my course at WMG, the university’s engineering and manufacturing department, where the top notch quality of research and course work, I guess its self explanatory. It’s the only centre in the UK that has received recognition for its excellence and contribution towards various industries all over the globe. The department is full of talents and the main thing that I have learned from them is to continuously learn.

As a proud alumnus, I would always tell people that I was and I am being valued by Warwick University throughout. As a graduate I still receive support and guidance from my department at Warwick. For example, I initiated a business quiz social event in 2012 after I became an alumni and I am really thankful to the management in supporting me to conduct this event which was successfully received. And this is just one of my many alumni activities.

For students considering coming to Warwick, I would say ‘go for it’. There are plenty of opportunities. It’s a place of “innovation, ideas and encouragement.” But before that know what you want to achieve and set your goals clear and high.

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