Study Overseas - US Vs UK

US Schools


  1. Sense of pride in your school/mascots/huge emphasis on teamwork and sports

  2. Sororities and Fraternities/Organizations that actually do things other than drink, since you can't legally.

  3. Ability to find a job easier

  4. Higher grades are a lot easier to achieve since the teachers grade easier

  5. More variety and time to discover what classes you want to take/major in


  1. A huge take about 6 classes a semester and always have to do work or essays

  2. Too many universities to where they are not internationally known or recognized as superior

  3. Dorms have to be shared with people. Getting your own room costs a ton.

  4. Teachers sometimes only have Bachelor's or Master degrees, so quality of teaching can suffer

UK Schools


  1. Many schools are internationally known, which looks quite good when finding a job abroad

  2. The lecturers are all normally past Dr. level. Many are professors from Cambridge/Oxford/Harvard so the quality of lectures are a lot better. They WRITE the textbooks you learn from.

  3. Dorms consist of your own room (and bathroom if you pay more), and you share a hallway and kitchen with 5-10 other people. So, privacy.

  4. The quality of teaching here is worth so much more--you feel as if you're glad you paid to have it. Not a bunch of time-wasters and 'required classes' like US ones.


  1. Not really any sense of pride in your school/no mascots/no HUGE emphasis on sports

  2. I've noticed a lot of the clubs and organizations only drink or party...not much else.

  3. Grading is incredibly harsh---the lecturers will tear your essays to pieces if you're not good enough.

  4. No time to think through what you want your degree to be--you must know upon applying.

  5. Not much variety in classes pertaining to degree--all have to focus on your subject

  6. It's incredibly difficult for students to find jobs here.

Therefore it appears that:

Many students really enjoy the atmosphere of a US university, but the quality of education in a UK school wins by far.

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